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Sport Culture Can Keep Youth Off the Streets.

SPORTS development is key to getting the youth off the streets and away from drugs and gangs.

Our youth have too much idle time on their hands which creates boredom. This boredom leads to behavior that later leads to criminal activities.

Many of the schools in the areas most affected by gang violence do not offer school sport and cultural activities.

The development of our young in these activities does not only offer them something healthy to do, it also teaches them discipline and life skills, and encourages interest in different aspects of life.

Our education and governmental system must seriously start engaging and considering the implementation of sport and cultural activities at primary and secondary school level.

Funding must be provided for sports and cultural development at schools, and must be driven by a special task team at every level.

This will not only assist in developing youth but there will be a positive spin-off to the communities surrounding our schools too.

Teachers are already rewarded for extramural activities and their remuneration should not be a concern here. The funding should go towards leveling and maintaining of sports fields and facilities, and sporting equipment.

Cultural amenities like halls and stage equipment should also be developed.

Youth should be exposed to role models in these fields, thus engaging with sports and arts academies is crucial.

I have, as a former teacher, seen first-hand how a child with a difficult background can become an academic and sporting star purely by channeling his energy in the right direction. I am positive that by developing sports and cultural activities we would address the social ills with much more success.

Francois Greyling, DA councillor for Ward 52, Despatch

By TMG Editor - 25 June 2014

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