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When we started East Carver Heights Community Development Corporation: ECHCDC, we knew that the kids in our community were facing challenges. We saw how violence and crime disrupted their lives and made it difficult for them to escape this violent cycle.

We knew that sports could be a powerful tool for the kids in our community to escape these challenges—to strengthen their bodies, develop teamwork skills, and learn about perseverance through hard work.

But we also knew that sports alone weren't enough. That's why ECHCDC is more than just a soccer team—it's a comprehensive program that helps kids and families succeed at school and home.

We believe that when you have an equal opportunity to grow and succeed in your community, you can win more than a gold medal—you can win at life!




...they are the founders who started East Carver Heights Community Development Corporation.


Before ECHCDC they lived in Atlanta, GA where they helped developed soccer teams with refugees. This is where they saw the real benefits of how sports can really bring a community together. The program was so successful they had the proud moment to see some of their players go on and play college level and even one went on to play professional level for Atlanta United.

Seeing the impact they made in Atlanta they wanted to bring that same love of soccer to Columbus, and Boxwood Soccer was born.

Lisa says, "without the help of local churches and donations  received towards ECHCDC, we wouldn't be here today helping the community we want to continue to grow."

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